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Tijuana Aftercare Pricing

Private Room

Private Bathroom
$ 16O Per Night
  • Gated Residence
  • 24/7 Registered Nurses
  • Room Service
  • Local Transportation
  • Laundry Service
  • Wifi [Netflix, Claro]

Duplex Room

Shared bathroom (2 beds)
$ 15O Per Night
  • Gated Residence
  • 24/7 Registered Nurses
  • Room Service
  • Local Transportation
  • Laundry Service
  • Wifi [Netflix,Claro]

Shared Room

Shared Bathroom (3 beds)
$ 14O Per Night
  • Gated Residence
  • 24/7 Registered Nurses
  • Room Service
  • Local Transportation
  • Laundry Service
  • Wifi [Netflix, Claro]


What's Included

  • You will have access to free wifi in the home, please bring an iPad or earphones for entertainment. There is also Netflix in each room as well as the living room.
  • Individual adjustable memory foam beds. Walkers and wheelchair for in home use.


Your garments/fajas are washed daily, it's recommended to bring 2 garments to interchange while washing/drying.


Local transportation from Vive Med Group facilities is included: House, hospital, Spa or doctor's office, exclusively. Border crossing services are offered at additional cost, see below.

Personal Care

24/7 Registered nurses / Caretakers who assist with showering, garment washing, medication reminders plus more!

Room Service

All of your healthy meals, snacks and beverages are cooked fresh and included in your stay.


Overnight Guests:

  • At Recovery house Tijuana, we are happy to accommodate female overnight guests at an additional charge of $100 per night. (Based on availability)
  • This fee includes room and board plus meals, snacks and beverages. Guests will not be attended to by nurses/caretakers.
  • Male Guests or kids are not allowed.



  • Personal shopping/tours/hair and nails etc is not included in your stay, it has an extra cost.
  • Border crossing services are not included in your stay.


  • Recovery house Tijuana provides meals/snacks/beverages and we operate similar to a hotel’s room service. We are not a full service restaurant and we stock a limited amount of ingredients to prepare meals. Any additional food requests outside of items stocked in the house will need to be paid for by the guest.

Other costs

Medical supplies recovery tijuana

Unlimited Medical Supplies

There are no fees applied to each reservation to supply you with unlimited medical supplies. You can rest easy and travel light because we have a fully stocked medical supply closet, including bed pads, gauze, antibacterial soap, medical tape, maxi pads plus more!

Recovery house tijuana lymphatic massages

Lymphatic massages

If liposuction is on your wish list in Tijuana, it’s essential to have post-op lymphatic drainage massages. We have licensed Massage Therapists specializing in post-op massages who will provide you with massages in our private massage areas.

Recovery house tijuana transportation

Bi-national Chauffeur

If you’ll be flying to and from San Diego Airport, we provide transportation services to cross you over the border for an extra fee, please contact the person that’s helping you book your stay to ask for more information.

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Hello! Unfortunately due to this COVID situation, we are only taking Vive Plastic Surgery’s patients for the moment. It would be a pleasure having you here with us, but for saftyness and respect to the guidelines of Vive surgeries, we needed to take these measurements. Remember that having surgery gets you lower defenses, so is really important to have peace that you are going to stay at a place where all conditions are set to avoid any inconvenience about this issue.

We are really honored that you choose us, and we hope all of this situation stops soon, so we are able to take other Dolls to our recovery 💓😘